July 2, 2022

About KOG

The man who never alters his opinion is like standing water, and breeds reptiles of the mind.

William Blake, (1757-1827) – British poet and painter.

Kami On Games is a gaming blog – yes, ANOTHER stupid pointless Gaming Blog – run by just one man. David Kamikaze (Calm-cash, please pronounce it right. The story behind it isn’t all that interesting – it’s a long-standing typo, and nothing more!), a long-time industry commentator, as well as a writer of prose, poetry and articles. Also a guy who spends far more time having blood taken than sitting at home playing video games (which is of course where I’d rather be!).

This site is about articles and opinions mainly, because its more fun to discuss news than take it at face value.

Taking any of the content here seriously, however, is entirely optional and may be hazardous to your health. Seriously, debate and discuss and form your own ideas and opinions. Don’t follow the crowd, or even the posts here. Use that fantastic brain that Mother Nature rammed into your skulls! Read, be amused, entertained and perhaps educated a little. But please don’t just regurgitate it. That would make Kami a sad panda.

This is a sad panda.
This is a sad panda.

So enjoy, debate, discuss and by all means, forward praise, criticism, ridicule and hate mail to Kami. Especially the latter. It’s good to laugh at people.

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