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E3 2019: EA, EA Play… Go Away…

What Gaming Needs… Is Some Rules.


The PlayStation Experience – Packed With Content!

Well, there’s a pleasant surprise. Sony remembering how to fight…

Concrete Block. What?

The NES Classic… Oh boy, this is gonna be a rant.

Deploy criticism ho!

The Case For Cheaper Games.

I think games can be cheaper and make more profit. Yes, I’m crazy, but hear me out…

The Challenge of New Consoles Is Growth.

Sorry about the away-ness, but here’s a little pause for thought.

Nintendo Switch – Wow!

EuroGamer, you have permission to be smug now.

Nintendo… It’s Time To Play The NX Card.

One final plea to Nintendo before moving on to other things…

The PlayStation 4 “Pro”… and the New Nintendo 3DS.

Why do I have the horrible feeling we’re not learning from past mistakes?

Sony PS4 Controller

The Real Problem With PS Plus… Is Expectation.

Sony isn’t getting much love with the PS Plus price hike. But it has no-one to blame but itself.

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