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A Galar-Inspired Rant (It Kinda Sucks.)

E3 2019: EA, EA Play… Go Away…

What Gaming Needs… Is Some Rules.


The PlayStation Experience – Packed With Content!

Well, there’s a pleasant surprise. Sony remembering how to fight…

Concrete Block. What?

The NES Classic… Oh boy, this is gonna be a rant.

Deploy criticism ho!

The Case For Cheaper Games.

I think games can be cheaper and make more profit. Yes, I’m crazy, but hear me out…

The Challenge of New Consoles Is Growth.

Sorry about the away-ness, but here’s a little pause for thought.

Nintendo Switch – Wow!

EuroGamer, you have permission to be smug now.

Nintendo… It’s Time To Play The NX Card.

One final plea to Nintendo before moving on to other things…

The PlayStation 4 “Pro”… and the New Nintendo 3DS.

Why do I have the horrible feeling we’re not learning from past mistakes?

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