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The NX Is A Brave New Concept In Troubled Times.

With the market suffering its worst results in years, the Nintendo NX looks to be very different from what we know – but that may be no bad thing.


Nintendo as a third party? Uhh… that may be a dumb idea.

With the Wii U in its dying days, let’s tackle a common misconception that has reared its head again; that Nintendo would be better off as a third-party developer…

Games Snobbery – Are We Missing The Point?

Something to ponder before I start another year…

Visual Expectation

With the next generation of consoles practically upon us, and the Wii-U unveiling set for a Nintendo Direct show tonight (so UbiSoft can talk about it tomorrow at their show!), it seems 1080p will be the default visual resolution for a new era of gaming. But graphics? I expect – nay, demand – good graphics […]

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