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The NX Is A Brave New Concept In Troubled Times.

With the market suffering its worst results in years, the Nintendo NX looks to be very different from what we know – but that may be no bad thing.

The Art Of Asking – And Video Games!

I’ve been sitting on this idea for well over a year. But I think I’ve finally worked out how to say this…

Change, the NX and The Promise of a New Generation

So, first piece of 2016. Oh look, it’s tangentially about the NX…

Gen-8: The Console Crisis…

Sorry about the silence lately. More health issues. But since I’m here and we’re approaching the point of a new generational push, time to take a look back at Generation 8. Hoo boy…

VR – The Future… Maybe, Someday.

My actual thoughts on VR technology. Warning; I’ll be referencing some OLD gameshows here.

SFTW: The Annual KOG Pre-E3 Predictions Post 2013

Five things I want, five things I don’t for each!

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