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Cry Wolf – Mobile Gaming and Pricing

In a world of cheap apps and bedroom programmers making it big, it has shocked some to find Square-Enix charging £19.99 for a game on the iOS iPad store. This is, of course, a bundle option and they say as much. But is it too much – or are we just expecting something completely unrealistic […]

Hardcore Questions

Lots of people like to throw about the term “Hardcore Games”. They think it shows their understanding and knowledge of gaming. When a term is as deliberately vague and open to interpretation as this, can we ever work out what “Hardcore Gaming” is? This is gonna be a LOOOONG post… brace yourselves!

Zombies. Love them or hate them. I'm just bored of them.

Bored of “Braaaaaaaiiins…”

Everybody loves zombies, right? The shambling, lifeless cannon fodder that can be slaughtered en-masse without the vaguest hint of moral conflict have been dominating our media for several years now – but for me, I’ve suddenly found myself rather bored of zombies, especially in a gaming capacity…

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