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The NX Is A Brave New Concept In Troubled Times.

With the market suffering its worst results in years, the Nintendo NX looks to be very different from what we know – but that may be no bad thing.

Those Nintendo NX Controller Leaks…

Yeah, I think it was obvious this was coming. I really sometimes wish Nintendo would stay out of the news for a while…


Nintendo as a third party? Uhh… that may be a dumb idea.

With the Wii U in its dying days, let’s tackle a common misconception that has reared its head again; that Nintendo would be better off as a third-party developer…

The Tomodachi Life Thing.

Yup, I’m going to tackle the controversy of the lack of same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life. This is going to be a long one.

Learn From The Mistakes, Build For The Future – A Tangent.

Fail to succeed, and succeed to fail…

A Curiously Nintendo Problem.

Circle of Fire…

SFTW: The Annual KOG Pre-E3 Predictions Post 2013

Five things I want, five things I don’t for each!

Nintendo Gamecube. Hello!

5 Gamecube Games That Should Be Downloadable on Wii-U

Retro Kicks

Hardcore Questions

Lots of people like to throw about the term “Hardcore Games”. They think it shows their understanding and knowledge of gaming. When a term is as deliberately vague and open to interpretation as this, can we ever work out what “Hardcore Gaming” is? This is gonna be a LOOOONG post… brace yourselves!

Don’t Ask Where Killer Instinct Has Been…

Sometimes it may be best if the questions that are burning deep inside us aren’t answered. If they are, will we really understand the extent of it, or be faced with more questions or a conclusion that is deeply unsatisfying? Killer Instinct is back – but perhaps it may be best if we don’t ask […]

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