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The NX Is A Brave New Concept In Troubled Times.

With the market suffering its worst results in years, the Nintendo NX looks to be very different from what we know – but that may be no bad thing.

Change, the NX and The Promise of a New Generation

So, first piece of 2016. Oh look, it’s tangentially about the NX…

Games Snobbery – Are We Missing The Point?

Something to ponder before I start another year…

RE4 and Dark Souls side by side.

Dark Souls and Resident Evil 4 – On Ports and Mods.

With the sometimes volatile feedback from the players over Dark Souls PC, I thought we could perhaps take a moment to remember a worse PC port of a console game – namely, Resident Evil 4 – and remember that sometimes it isn’t how a port starts life, it’s how the community finish it that matters…

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