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The NX Is A Brave New Concept In Troubled Times.

With the market suffering its worst results in years, the Nintendo NX looks to be very different from what we know – but that may be no bad thing.

Those Nintendo NX Controller Leaks…

Yeah, I think it was obvious this was coming. I really sometimes wish Nintendo would stay out of the news for a while…

I am NOT a Q.A. Department!

A sincere warning to many in the industry; bug test your own freaking games!

Cry Wolf – Mobile Gaming and Pricing

In a world of cheap apps and bedroom programmers making it big, it has shocked some to find Square-Enix charging £19.99 for a game on the iOS iPad store. This is, of course, a bundle option and they say as much. But is it too much – or are we just expecting something completely unrealistic […]

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